Doug Cockle will voice Geralt in a new The Witcher animated film on

    If you can’t get enough of The Witcher in the The Witcher Netflix series or the other The Witcher Netflix series or that The Witcher Netflix animated movie, how about this: yet another The Witcher Netflix animated movie!

    Netflix has announced The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep, an animated feature pitting a cartoon Geralt against a society of merfolk. It’s probably not a surprise that Henry Cavill won’t be voicing Geralt, considering he walked away from his Witcher duties last year, but that’s OK: the wonderful Doug Cockle, voice of Geralt in the videogame series, is taking the role instead. Damn straight.

    Don’t grab your remote control yet, though. The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep is scheduled for late 2024.

    “Geralt of Rivia, a mutated monster hunter, is hired to investigate a series of attacks in a seaside village and finds himself drawn into a centuries-old conflict between humans and merpeople,” Netflix says. “He must count on friends—old and new—to solve the mystery before the hostilities between the two kingdoms escalate into all-out war.”

    The announcement teaser at the top doesn’t show much, but check out the slightly longer announcement teaser below in which Geralt is hired to help a seaside town with monster slaying, but gets quickly drawn into a old, festering conflict between the surface world and a militarized undersea society.

    I’m not really a Witcher fan so I can’t really say I’m excited to see Geralt go up against The Little Mermaid and her family, but the art and animation look good and it is genuinely nice to hear Doug Cockle voicing the gruff hero again. And let me provide an answer to an inevitable question: yes, Geralt does appear topless in a bath in the animated film. Of course he does:

    (Image credit: Netflix)
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