Eyes up Guardians, the Vault of Glass raid has made its appearance in Destiny 2 with the release of The Season of the Splicer. This raid returns from Destiny and is scaled to an increased light level. New challenges are included in some of the encounters, and this guide details each step from start to finish.

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The Vault of Glass plays a huge role in Destiny lore. Controlled by the Vex, a common enemy throughout Destiny and Destiny 2, players will need to fight their way through waves of enemies in order to complete the raid. Puzzles, secret chests, and more await fire teams eager to reap rewards. It’s a challenging Raid, but it is perfect for veterans and new players alike.

Destiny 2: Starting Encounter

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Raid Start

The Vault of Glass starting encounter begins in a wide-open area, full of lush flora and Vex architecture. The six Guardians should make their way to the major Vex complex, and although it isn’t too far away Sparrows can be driven to the destinations. Around the Vex complex are three platforms indicated by giant, Vex-detailed cubes. The team needs to divide into three teams of two. Place a team at the left platform, right platform, and center platform.

Once in position, Vex rings will begin to rise around the cubes. The teams will need to stand on these platforms for an extended amount of time, and survive against waves of enemies. These enemies will consist of «Redbars» (common enemies), Minotaurs, Praetorians (a more powerful version of the Minotaur specific to the Vault of Glass Raid), Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Cyclopses. Feel free to play aggressively, as respawning is enabled for this part of the encounter.

As long as one player is standing in each platform ring the ring will continue to rise. A spire will rise in the center of the arena at the end of the encounter, firing a beam at the door behind the center platform. The door opens, Vault of Glass secret chest 1 appears just beyond the doorway, and the six Guardians will make their way inside the Vault of Glass to officially start the Raid.

Vault of Glass Secret Chest 2

Shortly after the Guardians travel left down the path leading into the Vault of Glass, the pathway abruptly stops. It forces players to go left through a doorway. However, if players make their way to the edge of the pathway on the left side, they can drop down and turn around quickly to find a secret opening. Follow this passageway to find the second secret chest. The secret chests throughout the Vault of Glass will contain Spoils of Conquest and specific Vault of Glass armor mods.

Second Encounter

Following the pathway leading deeper into the Vault of Glass, the team will find the second arena. The first challenge will require Guardians to defend Confluxes, similarly to the Vex public events. The first Conflux will appear in the middle of the arena, the next two will appear on the left and right sides of the arena, and at last, all three confluxes will appear. As expected, enemies will spawn in great amounts, but Destiny 2 Grenade Launchers or Rocket Launchers will clear their numbers with ease.

This area has some additional challenges. First, Wyverns now appear as enemies. Second, respawning is disabled. Finally, as soon as the challenge begins the Ritual of Negation will start as well. Upon their death, Fanatics will release the Vex liquid that damages players and add the Marked for Negation effect. Players with this mark will need to rush to the glowing cleansing well located in the middle of the arena. Standing in the well saves the Guardians from Marked for Negation, which would otherwise instantly kill the players during the ritual.

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Third Encounter

After the second encounter finishes, the Guardians will remain in this arena for a new challenge. After the team begins the challenge by interacting with the Rally Flag, respawning will once again be disabled. Vex Oracles will begin to spawn, and taking them out in order is the key to completing this challenge. The team will need to communicate clearly in order to complete this encounter.

The Oracles spawn in one of seven different locations. From the Rally Flag, the location callouts are L1, L2, L3, mid, R1, R2, and R3. L1 and L3 are the closest and furthest locations from the Rally Flag on the left side, respectively, and the same applies to R1 and R3 on the right side of the arena. The Oracle spawning procedure starts with three Oracles flashing one at a time, then flashing one at a time again, and finally the three spawn in at the same time. They will need to be taken out in order of their flashing appearance.

Ideally, it’s best to place one person over the mid, one person on the left side, one person on the right, and one person in the back. That way each team member can call out when an Oracle flashes. The remaining Guardians should focus on clearing out enemies. Hobgoblins will also snipe players from outside of the left and right sides of the arena, so players positioned in those locations should equip long-range weapons to down the enemies quickly.

This challenge requires patience and clarity as three oracles appear at first, then four, then five. While it may require trial and error to establish communication and strategy, teams do have time to confirm the order of Oracle spawn. Once the Oracles spawn, there is a gracious window before they have to be defeated. Killing the wrong Oracle will result in a Mark for Negation, with little time to cleanse.

Destiny 2: Templar Boss Encounter

The final encounter in this arena is a boss encounter. Players will need to work together to defeat the Templar, making use of the Oracle strategy used in the third encounter. To start the encounter, one player must pick up the Relic located where the cleansing was done before. Picking up the Relic summons the Templar.

One teammate should be designated as the Relic holder. That player can use the Relic to attack enemies, jump and aim down sight to slam the Relic down, block to create a shield around the user and allies, and the user’s Super is replaced with a projectile that shoots from the Relic itself.

Once the Templar spawns it will immediately begin to summon the Oracles. All six Guardians will die if the Oracles are not defeated quickly enough and in order, resulting in a team wipe and a restart of the encounter. The Templar will also detain a couple of Guardians, surrounding them in an impenetrable field that can only be destroyed by Guardian outside of it.

After the Oracles are defeated the Relic user needs to fire the projectile at the Templar, lowering its shields. All players can damage the Templar at this point. Shortly afterward, the Templar will look to teleport to another location, and the process repeats.

To prevent the teleportation and extend the DPS (damage per second) phase, one Guardian needs to stand where the Templar will teleport to. This location is indicated by a ring, similar to the ring at the very beginning of the Vault of Glass. There is a catch, however, because preventing the Templar from teleporting will spawn in Minotaurs. Allowing the Templar to teleport results in a large horde of weaker enemies spawning. Preventing the Templar from teleporting can be done at any time, so it’s up to the team to decide how they want to defeat this boss.

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Destiny 2: Gorgon’s Labyrinth Encounter

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Raid Gorgon Labrynth

The Gorgon encounter is the next step in the Vault of Glass Raid, and it’s a unique obstacle because it requires no combat to complete. Players will need to traverse a maze, avoiding the sight of the Gorgons to prevent them from exploding. A Gorgon explosion results in a team wipe, and the challenge will need to restart.

To complete the maze with little difficulty, head down the left pathway upon entrance to the labyrinth. The team will encounter a tall rock and will need to climb it to make it above the Gorgons. Be careful, because double jumping, sprinting, and shooting are almost guaranteed to attract their attention. Guardians can climb up with a single jump. From there, follow the pathway leading to the platform. Cautiously jump to the platform on the right, and proceed slowly. Finally, navigate the despawning platforms and continue down the pathway deeper into the Vault of Glass to the next encounter.

Vault of Glass Secret Chest 3

This chest is located in the Gorgon Labyrinth. Instead of heading left, head right. A locked red door will be found. The team will need to scour the maze in order to find and destroy three Vex boxes to unlock the door. The first box is located inside the maze, the second near the exit, and the final box is just past the exit. To find the first box, head down the pathway to complete the maze. As the team heads left, jump on the rocks in the light and look right. The first box can be seen in the distance.

Continue through the labyrinth until the team reaches the slanted rock. Turn around, and the second box should be in plain sight. The final box can be located just past the exit. As the team makes their way through the labyrinth, turn around and look up after passing the area with a red light. The final box should be seen easily, hanging from the cavern ceiling.

Vault of Glass Secret Chest 4

As the team clears the edge following the despawning platforms, continue to jump across the dark blocks instead of dropping down to the doorway. The final chest should be seen across the gap tucked away in the complex. If the team already dropped down following the edge, the chest can still be obtained by heading left past the doorway and climbing up the pillars in the dark. After grabbing the chest, head in the doorway towards the final arena.

Destiny 2: Gatekeeper Encounter

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Raid Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper encounter begins in the final arena. Two teleporters are in the arena, one on the left side and one on the right. The right side teleporter leads to a jungle version of the arena, and the left teleporter leads to a desert arena version. One player needs to stand on each teleporter, keeping them active, while one player goes through the left portal and the right portal. Confluxes will need to be defended once more inside the portals.

A Relic will spawn after defeating a Gatekeeper. One of the remaining two teammates will need to pick up the Relic, while one of the two teammates inside the portals communicates where an immune Minotaur has spawned. The Relic holder must make their way into the portal, use the Relic Super to deactivate the Minotaur’s shields, and defeat the Minotaur. If this doesn’t happen, the Minotaur will self-destruct on the Conflux and the team will wipe.

A twist, the Relic holder can not re-enter the teleporter for 45 seconds. This means the first Relic holder will need to drop the Relic, the Guardian originally in the portal picks it up, and returns through the teleporter. Unfortunately, the returning Guardian can not enter a teleport for 45 seconds now, so that teammate must relieve a Guardian holding open a teleporter, and that relieved Guardian must pick up the Relic to defeat a new Minotaur inside one of the two portals.

This process repeats until the Confluxes in the teleporters disappear. A final single Conflux will spawn in the center of the main arena and needs to be defended by five Guardians. The sixth Guardian will hold the Relic, seeking out the immune Minotaurs to defeat them in the main arena. This process continues until the challenge is over.

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Destiny 2: Atheon

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Raid Atheon

Defeating Atheon is the final encounter of the Vault of Glass. Once the challenge starts, the team should return to both of the portals used in the previous encounter. Defend against the enemies, and eventually, three random teammates will be teleported into either the left or right backside of the arena automatically. Inside the portal is a Relic, which should be picked up by one of the three teammates as they rush to the front of the Arena. This is important, because teammates outside the portal will need to communicate to teammates inside the portal, so it’s best that everyone has the same perspective of the arena (remember that inside the teleporters are mirrored arenas, only in different biomes).

Once again, Oracles will start to appear and will need to be defeated in order of appearance. The team outside the portal will see the order, once again flashed twice, of the Oracles, and will have to relay that information to the team inside the portal. The Oracles spawn inside the portal, and the inside portal team needs to defeat them in the same order that they appear. This may seem repetitive, but if it’s not done correctly the team wipes.

Additionally, while inside the portal the three Guardians are Marked by the Void. Their screens will slowly turn black unless cleansed by the Relic holder’s shield. They will die if this is not done, and the team will be wiped.

After the Oracles are defeated the team returns outside of the portal and needs to be cleansed once more by the Relic holder. The whole team makes their way to the center platform, to avoid being attacked by the exploding Supplicants. All players need to check to make sure that they are not the one who is marked for Imminent Detention. The marked player needs to separate from the group. Similar to the Templar fight, that player will have an impenetrable field surround them that can only be destroyed from the outside. The Imminent Detention teammate will trap everyone inside the field if standing too close to the team.

Finally, a message will appear saying «Guardians Make Their Own Fate» during the DPS check against Atheon. This grants all teammates with Time’s Vengeance, giving high Super regeneration to all Guardians. Once Time’s Vengeance is up the DPS phase is over. The whole process repeats until Atheon is finally defeated.

Once Atheon is defeated head to the back of the arena. The Cache of Kabr is located here. Interact with it to use the Spoils of Conquest as currency for Vault of Glass gear and weapons.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

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